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2016 Democratic Presidential Candidates  
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Declared Democratic Candidates
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Amidst the euphoria over the magnitude of President Barack Obama's reelection victory in November 2012, there is a growing number of moderate Democrats who are urging caution over the temptation to move the party's platform further to the left. Foremost in their minds is the fate of the Republicans, who, buoyed by their stunning performance in the 2010 midterms, took the result as a mandate to move the party to the extreme right - a decision which they are paying for now.

However, the liberal elements in the party is predicated on the idea that the election proves that the majority of Americans have mandated President Obama, and to a lesser extent, the Democratic Party, to embark on a structural sociopolitical realignment of the country, to correct the effect and influence of the almost three decades long conservative ideological indoctrination.

And yet, the Blue Dog Democrats, another significant element within the party, believes that the result of the election, achieved primarily through the support of the minorities (African Americans, Hispanic and women), belies the fact that the electorates voted for the candidate, and not the party - as illustrated in a study conducted by the NAACP which revealed that only 47% of African Americans are "very enthusiastic" about the Democratic Party after President Obama's presidency ends.

In light of this ideological strive, the choice of the next candidate for the party in the 2016 presidential election has taken an added significance, for not only will the person be expected to win, he or she will determine the direction of the Democratic Party.

Latest 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary Polls

Monmouth University
March 30 - April 2, 2015
356 registered Democrats
Margin of error: ± 5.2  Poll details






2None of these
Fox News
March 29-31, 2015
397 likely Democratic voters
Margin of error: ± 5  Poll details






ABC News/Washington Post
March 26-29, 2015
≈300 registered Democratics
Margin of error: ± 6  Poll details






2No opinion
1Would not vote
March 13-15, 2015
466 Democrats and leaners
Margin of error: ± 4.5  Poll details






2Other / would not vote
March 1-4, 2015
462 Democrats
Margin of error: ± 4.6  Poll details







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Declared 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
BBC's World Historic Figure for Anti-GMO Activism
Declared 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Andy Caffrey

A strong environmentalist and advocate against genetically modified organisms, Andy Caffrey is the first Democratic candidate to run on a platform of truly green politics. He is an accomplished and passionate man with campaign experience, and has turned his focus to the White House.  

Declared 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Small-business owner, Deacon and Sunday School Superintendent
Declared Democratic Presidential Candidate Willie Carter

This retired USAF member and father of nine definitely brings something different to the table. Carter is in his eighth consecutive run for the Presidency, which he entered because he was “commanded of the Lord to enter the race to become President of the United States of America”.  

Exploratory 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Former U.S. Senator and Governor from Rhode Island
Declared Democratic 2016 Candidate Lincoln Chafee

Lincoln Chafee has served various roles in politics as Republican, Independent, and Democrat. His policies defy strict labeling, which has made it hard for him to build a camp and may hamper a 2016 presidential campaign should he decide to run.  

Declared 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Former U.S. Secretary of State, U.S. Senator and First Lady
Declared 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

Others' names have been spoken, but there is no clearer choice for the Democratic nomination in 2016 than Hillary Rodham Clinton. And as she seems always to be grooming herself for the public spotlight, it appears that she knows her role, for her party and in history.  

Exploratory 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Former Governor of Maryland
Declared Democratic 2016 Candidate Martin O'Malley

There’s probably only a handful of serving governors that could rival Gov. O’Malley’s success in Maryland. Aside from overseeing a 40% reduction in crime rate, his successful legislative agenda, most notably recognition for same-sex marriages, bears testament to the fact.  

Declared 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
CIA and U.S. Envoy with G4 Classification
Declared Democratic Presidential Candidate Doug Shreffler

Doug Shreffler is not a career politician but a man of optimism with a goal of cross-party unification. His distinctive perspective was born from his lifelong service to our country in foreign affairs with the CIA and as a US envoy with G4 Classification.  

Declared 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Attorney, Community Leader, Advocate for the Elderly and Disabled
Declared 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Michael Steinberg

Michael Steinberg has built a career advocating for those left behind. He has entered the race for President to bring attention to the issues that are not being addressed and to advocate for those forgotten in Washington, especially the elderly, the disabled and our Veterans.  

Exploratory 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Veteran, author, former Senator from Virginia and bi-partisan lawmaker
Declared Democratic Presidential Candidate Jim Webb

Jim Webb is a decorated veteran, accomplished author and former Senator who often worked across party lines. Webb worked in the administration of Republican President Ronald Reagan, and served as a Democratic Senator after defeating incumbent GOP Senator George Allen of Virginia.  

Declared 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Former college football coach and 2012 presidential candidate
Declared 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Robby Wells

The former football coach turned public servant is a moderate libertarian seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination in 2016. Wells has made it clear that he isn’t afraid to call out politicians on both sides of the aisle. He finished third for the Constitution Party’s nomination in 2012.  

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Senator from Colorado
Potential Democratic 2016 Candidate Michael Bennet

The former Superintendent of Denver Schools was involved in one of the most intriguing and expensive senatorial elections in American history. The $30 million contest eventually saw Senator Bennet triumphing over tea party favorite, Ken Buck, by a mere 0.9%.  

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Current Vice-President of the United States
Possible Democratic 2016 Candidate Joe Biden

Prior to his election as VP, Mr. Biden was already one of the most influential men in Washington, chairing the powerful Foreign Relations and Judiciary committees for a record-breaking three terms each. The ex-Delaware Senator is also the 15th-longest serving Senator in history.  

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Current Governor of New York
Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Cuomo

Gov. Cuomo, whose speaking style is at times eerily similar to Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone, was once described by Elliot Spitzer as a “tough guy” with “brass knuckles.” While some may take umbrage at the characterization, his supporters may well look at it as a badge of honor.  

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Former Governor of Vermont and DNC Chairman
Possible Democratic Presidential Candidate Howard Dean

Gov. Dean rose into national prominence during the summer of 2003 when he ran for the Democratic nomination. He pioneered the burgeoning power of the social media to propel his candidacy - a move that was later replicated and expanded upon by the Obama campaign four years later.  

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Mayor of Chicago and former White House Chief of Staff
Potential Democratic 2016 Candidate Rahm Emanuel

Rhambo, as Mayor Emanuel is sometimes referred to by his detractors, first gained national prominence while serving as a senior aide in former President Bill Clinton’s campaign. The former Congressman and ballet dancer (really!) was once a civilian volunteer for the Israel army.

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
U.S. Senator from Minnesota
Possible 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Al Franken

The colorful Senator from Minnesota gained instant national attention in 2010 after making comical faces at Minority Leader Mitch McConnell while he was delivering a speech in the Senate. But the 61-year old is now better known for his strong advocacy of progressive issues.  

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
U.S. Representative from Florida
Possible 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Alan Grayson

The former janitor, security guard, economist, lawyer, lecturer and now, member of the U.S. House of Representatives representing Florida's 9th district, is one of the most articulate and aggressive liberal in Congress today.  

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
U.S. Senator from Minnesota
Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar is a two-term Senator from Minnesota, the first woman from the state elected to the Senate. The 52-year old mother-of-one is a former county prosecutor and was partner at two of the largest law firms in Minnesota.  

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Governor of Connecticut
Potential Democratic Presidential Candidate Dan Malloy

As a child, Gov. Malloy grew up with dyslexia, and learning and physical disabilities. As an adult, he is a renowned champion of the middle class and sound fiscal policies. Not bad at all for someone who still has trouble writing or typing – albeit, one with an elephantine memory.  

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Governor of Delaware
Possible Democratic 2016 Candidate Jack Markell

After an eleven year stint as State Treasurer, the former corporate high flyer was elected Governor in 2009, and one of his first tasks was handling the state’s $800 million budget deficit. Two years later, Gov. Markell proudly signed a balanced budget for the state.  

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
U.S. Senator from Missouri
Possible 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Claire McCaskill

Senator McCaskill’s fierce reelection battle against Republican Todd Akin is easily one of the most eventful in 2012. The 59-year old currently chairs the Subcommittee on Contracting Oversight, tasked with examining wartime contracting.  

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
U.S. Senator from Connecticut
Potential Democratic Presidential Candidate Chris Murphy

After serving three terms in the U.S. House of Rep., the affable Nutmegger made the leap to the Senate after emerging victorious from a bruising election against Linda McMahon. Senator Murphy is a noted champion of liberal causes, particularly for his support of LGBT rights.  

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security
Possible Democratic 2016 Candidate Janet Napolitano

Ranked as the world's ninth most powerful woman by Forbes in 2012, the breast cancer survivor issued a record-breaking 115 vetoes during her two terms as Governor of Arizona. Her tenure received wide bipartisan praise, with Times magazine ranking her as one of America's Five Best Governors.  

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Junior U.S. Senator from Vermont and Former Mayor of Burlington, Vermont
Potential Democratic 2016 Candidate Bernie Sanders

Generally regarded as a Democrat, Sanders is in fact the longest-serving Independent in the history of the United States Congress. Having held office as both Vermont's at-large congressional representative and Mayor of the city of Burlington, he is currently the sitting junior Senator of Vermont.  

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
Former Governor of Montana
Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Brian Schweitzer

The self-professed redneck is a strong advocate of legal immigration, affordable prescription drugs and national energy dependency. Gov. Schweitzer, who has been described as both folksy and blunt, once famously stamped Republican bills he had vetoed with a red-hot branding iron!  

Potential 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate
U.S. Senator from Virginia
Possible Democratic Presidential Candidate Mark Warner

Following his term as Governor from 2002 to 2006, Senator Warner was elected to the Senate in 2008 after a crushing victory over Republican Jim Gilmore. Senator Warner currently sits on six Senate Committees and is directly involved in the debt-reduction discussion in the capitol.